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SousVide Supreme

SousVide Supreme

Ordering No.: SousVide Supreme

description: Sous vide means “under vacuum” in French, and sous vide cooking is a gourmet culinary technique long used by chefs worldwide. However, this incredible cooking method is now accessible to home cooks through the award-winning, easy-to-use SousVide Supreme water oven.

The sous vide cooking technique involves cooking food in vacuum-sealed pouches, submerged in a water bath held at a precisely controlled temperature. The end result? Perfectly cooked food.

How it works

Two physical facts explain how the water temperature in our water oven maintains even temperature throughout without the need for a circulator:

1. Heat travels very quickly through water.
2. Warmer water is lighter than cooler water.

Natural circulation within the water oven is created when:
• the base silicone heating element transmits heat evenly to the water within.
• lighter heated water rises to the top, as cooler water sinks to the bottom, mixing the water.

Even temperatures

Through the natural circulation created by the basic physical properties of heat and water, all the water and food in the bath reach the same temperature. The efficient heat transfer capacity of water ensures that no hot spots or cold spots exist once the target temperature is reached.

Benefits of SousVide Supreme´s product design
• No external pump to repair or maintain
• No moving parts that can break or wear out
• No possibility of pump failure
• No noise
• No risk of evaporation since steam is contained by lid
• No need to calibrate temperature controller to maintain accuracy

material: Stainless steel

size: 36cm x 29cm x 29cm

price (including VAT): 11850,-

SousVide CHEF II - by VAC-Star

SousVide CHEF II - by VAC-Star

Ordering No.: SousVide CHEF II - by VAC-Star

description: Performance features / Technical specifications

• High level of operating comfort. Simplest intuitive operation analogue to our Sous–vide water baths.
• Water resistant control panel (IPX5).
• High–contrast LCD display with bright background lighting and particularly large digits.
• Display optionally in °C or °F.
• Display definition 0.1°C.
• PID controlled temperature control.
• Temperature constancy of 0.05° C. *
• Temperature range up to 100° C.
• Timer function.
• Max. continuous operation: 99.9 hours.
• Equipped with an SSR for long durability.
• Ideal ventilation for cooling the electronics.
• Powerful circulation pump 16 l/min.
• For vessels with a capacity up to 40 litres.
• Alarm in the event water level is too low (low liquid protection).
• Ergonomic, modern design.
• Casing made of high quality, food safe plastic.
• Easy to attach to vessels with round or flat walls.
• INOX protective grid.
• Service lid (can be opened without tools).
• Easiest cleaning.
• Immersion depth: 80 to 170 mm
• Connecting cable: 230V 50/60 Hz (1300 watts)
• Dimensions: h x w x d 350 x 98 x 158 mm
• Weight 2.4 kg
• 2 year warranty
• Swiss Engineering Made in EU

length: 360x100x160 mm

price (including VAT): 14990,-
SousVide CHEF II - by VAC-Star
SousVide CHEF II - by VAC-Star
SousVide CHEF II - by VAC-Star

Chafer pan 1/1

Chafer pan 1/1

Ordering No.: Chafer pan 1/1

description: Chafer pan 1/1 325x530mm

20mm deep, cepacity 2,2l - 330,-
40mm deep, capacity 5l - 381,-
65mm deep, capacity 8l - 420,-
100mm deep, capacity 14l - 535,-
150mm deep, capacity 19l - 725,-
200mm deep, capacity 26l - 1017,-

material: stainless steel

price (including VAT): 330,-

Chafer pan 2/1

Chafer pan 2/1

Ordering No.: Chafer pan 2/1

description: Chafer pan 2/1 650x530 mm

20mm deep, capacity 5,2l - 850,-
40mm deep, capacity 19l - 940,-
65mm deep, capacity 23,8l - 1195,-
100mm deep, capacity 31l - 1322,-
150mm deep, capacity 42,5l - 2027,-
200mm deep, capacity 60l - 2410,-

material: stainless steel

price (including VAT): 850,-

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